SGI Onyx3000 Graphics Workstations

The Onyx 3000 features the same modular archectecture as the Origin 3000 except that the Onyx 3000 adds a G-Brick or a V-Brick. The bricks that make up the archetecture are:

  • C-Brick for 2 or 4 cpus and up to 8memory
  • I-Brick IO including Fibre Channel, 100BaseT, etc
  • R-Brick router to connect everything together
  • P-Brick adds 12 PCI slots
  • D-Brick adds disk drives
  • G-Brick has up to 2 pipes of InfiniteReality series graphics
  • X-Brick has XIO slots for xio cards such as the Origin 2000 uses
  • V-Brick has 2 V12 Graphic boards

    The system is very expandable up to 1024 processors and 100s of gigabytes of memory.
    Processor start at 400MHz R14000 and go all the way up to 1GHz R16000
    From 1GB to 32GB of main memory per system
    NUMAlink2 architecture that scales as bricks are added, with 3200MB/sec bi-directional links
    Each system is made up of at least a C-Brick, an I-Brick, and a G or V Brick.

    The C-Brick provides the following:

  • 2 PIMM ports to add processors 2 at a time
  • 8 Memory slots for from 512MB to 8GB of memory
  • Console serial port
  • NUMAlink port
  • L1 port
  • XIO port

    The I-Brick provides the following:

  • 10/100BaseT ethernet that will do over 11MB/sec in both directions simultaneously
  • 1 Fibre Channel port(takes up a PCI slot)
  • 2 Fibre Channel hard drive slots
  • 2 high speed serial ports each capable of 450Kbps
  • Real Time interrupt input and output ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • 2 XIO ports (can be chained to G or V brick)

    The G-Brick provides up to 2 pipes of InfiniteReality grapics. Each pipe needs a XIO connection from an I-Brick. The left pipe (lookin from the rear) can take 2 RMs(RM9, RM10, or RM11), and the right side can have up to 4 RasterManagers. A GE16 is the standard Geometry Engine, and the Display Generators are DG6-2, DG5-8, DG5-GVO and DG5-TVO

    Origin 3000 parts and upgrades are available on Origin 3000 Parts page

    Origin 3000 systems come with a fresh full installation of IRIX6.5.24m. Media is not included unless otherwise noted. The latest Freeware can be loaded on request.

    Origin systems come with a 90day(from receipt) warranty that covers the hardware against failure. 12 month warranty is available for an additional 10%

    Below is a sample configuration. These are highly scalable configurations, so let us know what you are looking for.

    Origin 3000 8x600MHz InfiniteReality3 Rack Workstation

    The system contains an R-Brick, 2 C-Bricks, an I-Brick, and a G-Brick 8x600MHz R14000 processors w/8MB Secondary Cache per processor 8GB Memory
    36GB Hard Drive
    Built in 10/100BaseT ports
    4 free PCI-64 Slots
    Power Bay with 5 power supplies included
    L2 Box & front screen include
    NUMAlink & L2 cables included
    InfiniteReality3 Graphics w/GE16, 2 RM10 boards and a DG5-2
    USB Keyboard & Mouse
    IRIX6.5.22m installed