SGI Fuel Workstations

The Fuel is the current single processor desktop, little brother to the Tezro, and successor to the O2.

Processors from a 500MHz R14000 to 800MHz R16000A
4MB of Secondary Cache From 512MB to 4GB of main memory!
3.2GB/sec memory bandwidth 2 Ultra160 SCSI busses(1 internal, 1 external) for 320MB/s total SCSI bandwidth built in
Graphics V10, and V12, the fastest graphics available for the SGI desktop!
4 64-bit PCI slots, 2 are 33MHz, and 2 are 66MHz
Built in 10/100BaseT ethernet
Dual serial RS422/RS423 DB-9 ports
Single bidirectional parallel port
2 USB-A ports(finally!)
Internal 12X DVD-ROM(optional)
Fuel parts and upgrades are available on Fuel Parts page.

Fuel Workstations come with a fresh full installation of IRIX6.5.24m. Media is not included unless otherwise noted. The latest Freeware can be loaded on request.

Fuels come with a 90day(from receipt) warranty that covers the hardware against failure. 12 month warranty is available for an additional 10%

SGI Fuel Workstation

600MHz R14000 Processor w/4MB Secondary Cache hinv
2GB DDR Memory
18GB Hard Drive
DVDROM Drive, upgraded with brass gear for longevity
V10 Graphics (screenshot)
IRIX 6.5.30f Installed
Images: FuelFrontDoor FuelFrontRight FuelFrontRight2 FuelBack FuelBackRight FuelOpenSide FuelOpenSide2 FuelPS FuelTop
$5000 + Shipping